The Old Model of Buying Music

For years Choir Directors have ordered music at a hefty per copy price! 20 choir members at $1.80 for each copy meant it cost $36.00 for you to perform a single selection every Sunday. But is your song in stock or is it back-ordered? Did the shipment arrive in time? Were you blessed to have 2 new unexpected people join the choir and now you are short copies? How many have lost their music? All these hassles meant time and money lost!

You must pay extra for the demo and the track, but can’t copy them! You can’t make CD’s for your choir to take home. And rehearsal CD’s, well they don’t even exist! If you have a band, you are forced to buy the entire orchestration just to get the rhythm chart! Or worse yet, it wasn’t available or it was out of print!

The New Model of Buying Music

We take pride in providing your choir with great music to sing at a cost that will amaze you! Listen to our entire library online, choose from many great selections, download it this afternoon and rehearse it this evening!

Here is what you get with every song:

  • The Choral Music formatted for you to easily and quickly copy there at your church. You can have it ready by 7:00, just  in time for your rehearsal!  
  • The Demo set up for you to either email to your choir, or to put on a CD for them.   
  • The Track and the Track Plus perfectly designed to enhance your performance on Sunday morning. The Track, of course, features just the instruments. The Track Plus features not only the instruments, but also just a “little” of the demo singers, carefully mixed to provide a little help on Sunday morning when choir attendance might be down, but not so much as to be noticeable. Once you use our Track Plus, you will never go back to split tracks!  
  • The Rehearsal Tracks, each vocal part sung separately, are provided for every song we release. Email your tenor section their part being sung to them so that they can rehearse on the way to choir practice. Your rehearsals will take off and your Sundays will soar!    

All four vocal parts are included with every anthem.

  • The Piano Score and the Rhythm Chart are both provided so that your band can play along with the choir!  

All of this for just $14.95 per song!


Just think of the advantages to this new great way to buy music for your choir:

  • Your budget goes much farther because everything is included at one low price.
  • Your choir is better prepared for rehearsals and for Sunday and this is easily accomplished with an email from you, their director.
  • You can listen to a selection late afternoon and download it instantly for rehearsal that evening!
  • Use the Track, Track Plus or the Piano/Rhythm scores for your performance.
  • 2 new choir members? Just make two more copies! Instantly!
  • Lost music is quickly replaced.
  • There is no accounting, no reporting and no keeping track of copies made since is NOT affiliated with CCLI. No CCLI license is needed!
  • Receive email notification when new choral pieces are added!

Still need more convincing?
Download your first selection, complete with everything included.   Try it with your choir this week!   And, the best part, your first selection is free!   Make all the copies you need for your church and let the advantages demonstrate themselves to you, at no risk!


The Lord Our God Is Holy
This piece will excite your choir and lead your congregation to the throne of the Lamb!

You will receive absolutely free:

  • The Choral Music ready to copy for your choir tonight!
  • The Demo so that your choir can hear how the song can be performed!
  • The Track and the Track Plus to enhance your performance
  • The Piano Part and the Rhythm Chart ready for emailing to your band!
  • All four Rehearsal Tracks ready for emailing your choir!
  • Our permission to copy and retain each of these items, even if you don’t ever buy another song!  
  • This piece is our gift to you for just visiting the site!

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