Providing churches with quality music to enhance their services & lead their congregations into worship was conceived from a heart of desire to provide churches with great quality music that would enhance their services and lead their congregations into worship. Our goals were to:

Provide quality music that is challenging yet attainable by volunteer choirs.

Provide ancillary items (tracks, rehearsal tracks, rhythm charts)  to make the process enjoyable.

Provide music at one all inclusive price that even the smallest church can easily afford.

Make our music available for instant and easy download.

Rather than a large corporation model, we choose to be a smaller, more personal company that strives every day to meet the needs of the local church choir and instrumentalists.  That is our passion.

We are privately owned and operated by Christian principles.


Hal Wright has been involved in church music for 35 years. He has produced over 300 full length recording projects, gaining 8 gold records and 1 platinum record in the process. He is the composer/arranger of nearly 200 choral pieces.

Hal has travelled the world with Heart Sounds International, a group of recording engineers with a passion to record indigenous worship in countries where because of economic or political conditions producing music has been previously impossible. Hal has produced projects in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Malawi (Africa), China, India and Mongolia.

Having served in several musical capacities in various churches throughout the years, including The Chapel in Akron, Ohio, Hal has gained practical insight into how to build and maintain a successful church music ministry. Now, is an outgrowth of his years of experience in music ministry.

Hal says, “I have bought a lot of choral music over the years, only to be frustrated with the quality of the music, mis-prints, the inability to make rehearsal discs, back orders, etc… I started to help directors find music that really works in the local church. I wanted to supply the tools churches need for their music ministries and do so at a cost that even small churches could easily afford.”

In addition to producing various custom recording projects, Hal currently serves as choral director for MajesticVoice Chorus, a community chorus based in Canton, OH

What Our Customers Say

This resource is great, a wonderful tool to have at my disposal. For me, in a small congregation with limited resources, the free music is so helpful!

Greg F. Music Director, Abilene, TX

Easy to download! One or two rehearsals, and we are ready to perform on Sunday. Using songs and band charts from this library gives me more freedom to plan weekly worship around sermon themes or Holy Spirit direction!

Dave S. Music Director, Akron, OH

The writing and arranging are pure and beautiful and tell of the gift of the Savior! As a choir member, they are easy to learn and fun to sing!

Phyllis T. Choir Member

It is always more fun and satisfying to sing and practice with professional music. These arrangements are well written and tasteful! They make our choir look good!

Judy C., Choir Member

With parts that are singable for every ability level, lush choral arrangements and rich lyrics, these arrangements are a delight to use for corporate worship. And, we can learn our parts in the car using the practice tracks!

Mark and Cam M.; Choir Members