About Us

Greatchurchmusic.com was conceived from a heart of desire to provide churches with great quality music that would enhance their services and lead their congregations into worship. Our goals were to:

  1. Provide songs and arrangements that are musically interesting and challenging, yet attainable by the volunteer church choir.
  2. Provide the churches with not only the arrangements, but also with the ancillary items (tracks, trackplus, rehearsal tracks for each part, rhythm charts, etc…)  to make the rehearsal/performance process enjoyable.
  3. Provide music at one all inclusive price that even the smallest church can easily afford.
  4. Provide our music online so that it can be instantly purchased and rehearsed.

Rather than a large corporation model, we choose to be a smaller, more personal company that strives every day to meet the needs of the local church choir and instrumentalists.  That is our passion.

We are privately owned and operated by Christian principles.